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In the age of transparency, the power shifts to the architects, builders and consumers who work with progressive leaders in the new green-building era. At Gyproc, we have developed a sustainable approach to our business which helps our partners in the construction industry deliver innovative solutions and services to their customers and clients. Gyproc has initiated to monitor the environmental impact of the products during production and their whole life cycle. This requires transparency and the vigorous use of widely accepted Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) techniques to produce meaningful data. Data which our customer can compare to ensure an optimised approach is taken in line with future requirements, as per Green Building Organisations like IGBC and GRIHA. At Gyproc, we ensure that the environmental impact of a new product is considered right at the beginning of the innovation process. By using this mind-set and methodology, we will increasingly deliver products, systems and service innovations to improve the environment and comf ort of our installers and end-users..

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